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Party with Crunchips!

No party without Crunchips –  either thinly sliced, as X-cut, in a wave form or as Sticks, baked crisp in oil and deliciously seasoned. Take along another bag just in case!

Klecks mit Chips
  • X-Cut Solony
    Crunchips X-Cut Solony
  • X-Cut Papryka
    Crunchips X-Cut Papryka
  • X-Cut Ser Cebula
    Crunchips X-Cut Ser Cebulka
  • X-Cut Chakalaka
    Crunchips X-Cut Chakalaka
  • X-Cut Kebab
    Crunchips X-Cut Kebab
  • X-Cut Ser & Czosnek
    Crunchips X-Cut Ser & Czosnek
  • MC Hot Wings
    MC Hot Wings
  • The Chillis
    The Chillis
  • DJ Bacon
    DJ Bacon
  • Chipstüte
  • Papryka
    Crunchips Papryka
  • Pikantna Papryka & Ser
    Crunchips Pikantna Papryka & Ser
  • Fromage
    Crunchips Fromage
  • Solony
    Crunchips Solony
  • Zielona Cebulka
    Crunchips Zielona Cebulka
  • Pieczone Żeberka z Grilla
    Crunchips Zeberka z Grilla
  • Sticks Papryka
    Crunchips Sticks Papryka
  • Sticks Ketchup
    Crunchips Sticks Ketchup
  • Chips
  • Haken